Express - Approver Roles & Responsibilities

How to Designate Approvers

Approvers for Travel & Entertainment (T & E) reimbursements, are defined by UC Travel Policy as the department head or a designated individual. If the department head chooses to delegate that authority, that delegation must be recorded in writing and will be maintained by UCLA Travel Accounting. 

In order to be established as a T & E approver, an employee must have an OASIS Login ID. If an approver does not currently have an OASIS Login ID, a System Access Request (SAR) form must be submitted to Information Technology Services (IT Services) by the department and the approver will be required to attend the IT Services 30-minute security training. It is recommended that there be two approvers for each Financial Accounting Unit (FAU) or department but no more than four.

Express System Approvers

The departmental T& E approvers who are an integral part of the UCLA Express Travel & Entertainment Expense Management System are established and maintained by department security administrators (DSAs) through the standard DACSS Update Menu. See the related article for more information.

The DACSS Financial Function TVAPPRVR has been set up for this purpose. This function is used exclusively to maintain T& E expense report approvers by organization, division, subdivision, department or FAU for use in the Express System. Note the following with regard to this function:

  • This function is not linked to and does not impact any other DACSS function and will NOT generate post-authorization notifications (PANs). 
  • Although the Maximum Amount field is available for entry for this function, it has no effect on the travel expense approval process. 

Approver Responsibilities

When an expense report is submitted, the individual selected as an approver receives an email notification that a pending document needs approval. Approvers have the option to Approve, Reject or Request Additional Information.

Note the following considerations with regard to approval of expense reports:

  • The Reject and Request options require a note providing an explanation of the rejection or requested information.
  • If the expense report contains multiple FAUs, there must be an approval for each FAU before the document will continue through the process. The expense reported is automatically routed to the appropriate approver for each FAU.



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