Express - Policy Requirements Within an Expense Report

Policy Messages

Express has UC Travel and Entertainment policy notices built into the program. Policy requirements are displayed during the preparation, at the point of submission and during the Approver review process. Policy messages and requirements display in four ways:

  1. As warning statements to verify a particular requirement.
  2. As warning statements that require additional information, explanations and or justification so the expense can be evaluated for an exception to policy.
  3. As warning messages that do not allow the document to be submitted until the item is corrected and is within policy limits. These items do not allow for an exception request (e.g. policy does not allow for exceeding the Meals & IE daily limit under any circumstances).
  4. As warning messages that do not allow the line item to be completed until the item is within policy parameters (e.g. policy requires that lodging expenses must be itemized).

Documents that are submitted to department approvers will only display policy exceptions that require evaluation before the document can be processed further. Approvers have radio buttons displayed within a document to “Accept” or “Reject” individual policy exceptions that are in that claim.

When an Approver rejects an exception within a document, the expense amount related to that exception will be zeroed. The Approver should evaluate the claim and determine which is the more appropriate action, rejecting the entire claim (to allow for correction) or rejecting the exception to policy which reduces the reimbursement amount.