Service Fees for Airline Tickets

All travel agencies, including UC Travel, have historically relied on commission revenues supplied by airlines and other travel vendors to support their activities. Over the past several years, airlines have virtually eliminated the commissions paid to agencies. Travel agencies have turned to the imposition of service fees to cover operational costs associated with issuing tickets to travelers. 


Service Fee Schedule

The UC Travel Center has created a service fee schedule for issuing airline tickets and other transactions, but we have strived to maintain the lowest possible fees when compared to other University-managed travel programs and private travel agencies in the area.

Please refer to Changes to UC Travel Center Agency Fees for Fiscal Year 2016-2017


Payment and Reimbursement for Service Fees

Service fees will appear in one of the following ways, depending on the method of payment used to purchase, exchange or refund an airline ticket:

Personal Credit Cards or Corporate Charge Card

  • The service fee will appear as a charge on the credit card statement.
  • The charge may not appear on the statement directly following the purchase, exchange or refund. The service fee charged for airfare associated with University travel is reimbursable. See "Express Travel & Entertainment System" for more information.

University Direct Billing System

  • The service fee will show on the University ledger of the account charged.
  • The fee may show as a separate line item or it may be included in the line item representing the total ticket price, depending upon how the pre-trip authorization was prepared by the department.