New to UC Travel?

The UC Travel Center is an accredited Corporate Travel Department (CTD). This status entitles the Travel Center to issue airline tickets and make car and hotel reservations on behalf of all University travelers. As a department of UCLA we offer several services that set us apart from all other travel agencies or travel internet sites such as access to state government airfares, direct billing of airfares to University departments and reimbursement of travel and entertainment expenses directly to the UCLA corporate charge card.

UCLA spends more than $50 million annually on travel. Our goal is to reduce expenses to campus departments while improving service to our travelers. We believe that no single external vendor sufficiently understands travel in an academic environment well enough to provide optimal service to UCLA faculty and staff. By having direct, day-to-day management of the Center, we can serve travelers more efficiently at a lower overall cost.

Getting Started

For an introduction to University travel guidelines, see the related information links for transportation or meal and lodging expenses. In addition, we recommend that you visit the following areas of our site to gain an overall understanding of the full range of services available to you as a traveler at UCLA:

T&E Card

Information on the three travel payment methods used at UCLA: Direct Billing (for airfare), Travel & Entertainment Card (for trip expenses), Express Online Reimbursement System (for submission of expenses after your trip). 


Links to information on University travel policies and procedures. 


Links to information on University travel policies, entertainment expenses, tax issues and arrangements the Travel Center can make for travelers from other UC campuses. 


Complete information on procedures, resources and policies related to faculty and staff relocation arrangements and expenses.


Go here when you're ready to enroll in one of our training classes for either Travel & Entertainment policies or the Express Reimbursement System.